LFP Lighting Employee Spotlight: Jim McMillan

LFP Lighting is proud to announce Jim McMillan as the subject of this month’s Employee Spotlight! We asked Jim some questions so that we can all get to know a little more about him. We have loved having Jim on the team and cannot wait to see what other amazing projects he is going to complete!

What is your role at LFP Lighting?

I currently work as a Quotations Manager, overseeing and leading day-to-day operation of the Quotations department. As a Quotations Manager, my main responsibilities are to consistently increase our conversion rates and sales, as well as streamline procedures to exceed our customers’ demands. I have been in this role for 4 ½ years and look forward to the years to come.

What is your favorite part about working for LFP Lighting?

I really enjoy the freedom that I am given at LFP Lighting. I am able to be creative and put my own touch on the projects I contribute to. It is amazing to find an employer that is so trusting, and it encourages me to always push myself to represent the company to the best of my abilities.

What lighting awards and achievements have you received?

My most recent lighting award was the Illumination Award for Interior Lighting Design for my work at the Old Parkland Green Dragon Restaurant in 2017.

Do you have any certifications?

I am a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), which is an accredited Standards Development Organization. The Society publishes nearly 100 varied publications including recommended practices on a variety of applications and publications on energy management and lighting measurement.

What do you find most challenging and interesting about your role?

The workload can be demanding at times. Deadlines are also something that can be a challenge, but they always push me to continually grow and learn new ways to solve an issue. The most interesting part of my role is interpreting different plans and specifications when given minimal direction from the architect or engineer. This is where I let my creative side show and where I can put my own touch on each project.

What lighting trend are you most excited about in 2019?

Wireless technology is going to play a huge part in lighting designs for 2019. This trend will not only give spaces flexibility and make adding controls to limited spaces a breeze, but it will overall save you money on instillation!

What are some fun facts about yourself?

I live on a farm that dates back 4 generations in my family. Growing up, I would visit my grandparents and always felt a pull to the land. I was able to move to the farm on October 31, 2010, which is coincidentally my grandparents wedding anniversary. It was a lifelong dream come true. Now I share it with my fiancé, and he loves it as much as I could ever.

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